Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Neil Diamond at Wells Fargo

Despite having an age of 71 year old, he is an heart breaking performer, with a lot of sweat, lot of people and lot of noise the performance of Neil Diamond at Wells Fargo was fabulous and deserve appreciation.

"I bet they told you these were front-row seats," he said, turning his back on the arena to face the people seated on the extreme right, almost behind the stage. But then, he allowed, it wouldn't take much for him to come back front and center, or indeed, to turn his attentions anywhere. "Basically," he said, "I go where there is noise."

The arrangements of Diamond's songs have expanded over the years, often becoming sprawling and unwieldy; the trouble with touring in front of a 14-piece band is that he evidently feels the compunction to use it on every song. The impassioned "Shiloh" benefited from the quasi-orchestral swell, but "I Am … I Said" was buried in bombast. Diamond's voice has hardened with age, and he often gave in to the temptation to over-sing, as if trying to reach the top tier without the aid of a microphone. No wonder he was sweating.

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