Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Neil Diamond walked away with top at the annual Billboard Awards

Weekend at the annual Billboard Awards, where U2 and Neil Diamond went with top award held.

U2 walked away with the Top Touring Artist award for their 360 tour whilsts Neil Diamond was honoured with the Icon Award.

Crowd in Las Vegas, where he also received a standing ovation Neil Diamond joked infront accept this award, "I'm gonna get spoiled. Don't do that. I would've settled for a Top 10 record; you didn't have to do the whole award thing. I love it. I don't know exactly what it means to be an icon, but I always wanted to be one. Now I guess I am…I'm gonna Google it right after the show and find out exactly how an icon is supposed to handle himself. But this is absolutely wonderful…What can I say? It's too much."