Thursday, 5 August 2010

Neil Diamond Tribute Show

DESPITE his uncanny natural resemblance to the iconic singer songwriter, Neil Diamond, Sydney musician Peter Byrne has never lost his sense of self.
The Dublin born musician, his popular tribute show who has been performing Forever Diamond for almost two decades, in his performances he said always asserts his own, and is no mere Neil Diamond copyist.
“It’s not a typical tribute show. I’m not a clone, I don’t try to talk or look like him,” the 48 year old said.
“It is more of a tribute to his music.”
The Sydney based musician said he always enjoyed the music of Neil Diamond but it wasn’t until people began marvelling at his vocal similarity to the American artist that he started to learn and perform his songs.
He said, “There were a lot of tribute bands around at the time. People said it would have a longevity of five years”.
Eighteen years later, Byrne continues to perform his Forever Diamond show to adoring audiences at clubs and venues across Australia and internationally, playing such hits as Cherry Cherry, Crunchy Granola Suite, Sweet Caroline and Solitary Man to critical acclaim.
In 1996 he experienced a career highlight in when he came face to face with the actual Neil Diamond, who later wrote to Byrne to wish him luck for an upcoming performance.
Having first picked up a guitar at age 7, Byrne continues to perform as a musician in his own right. He harbours no confusion about where Neil Diamond ends and where Peter Byrne begins, and his self confidence is perhaps best expressed in his choice for a favourite Diamond song.
“I Am, I Said. The words and lyrics are true to life, it’s an amazing song,” he said.

At Mounties forever Diamond performs on Saturday, 7 August. For details, call 9822 3566.